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Some Major Car Components Every Car Owner Should Know

Car is made up of different parts that are systematically assembled to work together to generate power, efficient and smooth movements when one or some parts are not in good conditions they can result to the whole system/car breakdown or prevent the vehicle from operating effectively. As a car owner there is a need to having a general understanding of the components that make up your car, just study a few major car parts and get a basic knowledge of their functionality and their maintenance procedure, this is can save you a lot in maintenance and repair costs because you will know how to take care of these components and can make a reasoned decision regarding the ideal brand you need to buy the car parts. This article provides information regarding main car components a car owner should know as well as their basic maintenance, therefore continue reading.

Among the major car parts you need to have a basic understanding of is the radiator, this component is responsible for maintaining engine temperatures within optimum levels, radiator manages to cool the engine via coolants that circulate within the engine and absorb excess heat which is dissipated into the air, you will find this component below the hood. For basic maintenance of a radiator make sure the coolants are always at the car manufacturer’s recommended level, however, it is always good to change the coolants in case you notice a color change, this is why you need to know the color of your car coolants, the common car coolant colors are yellow, orange and light green, once you know the color of your car coolant it is easy to notice the color change which is an indicator it needs to replaced.

Engine is another car components you should have basic knowledge, this is the heat of your car and determine the performance of your vehicle, to ascertain that your car performs to its best check drive belts regularly, these are mainly the rubber belts that are responsible for power transfer from the crankshaft to the power steering, alternator, water pump, air conditioning system and other vital devices, however, over time these belts losses their integrity making them ineffective in their operations that is why the regular check is recommended, also check engine oil to make sure all moving parts of the engine run smoothly.

Every motorist should know about car alternator, this is car part converts car mechanical energy to an alternating electric current that supplements the battery-electric supply, alternator also charge the battery of your car and if this component has malfunctioned it can overcharge your car battery making it to swell, when you notice such a thing it’s good to take your car to a reliable and experienced automobile repair service provider.

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